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Visit nearby tourism destination within your stay at Melva Balemong and create an unforgettable memories around Central Java, Ungaran.

Ambarawa Railway Museum is located in the center of Ambarawa city, it is in Jl. Station No.1 Ambarawa, near the main road between Semarang – Yogyakarta, about 20 km from the city of Ungaran. Ambarawa Railway Museum is the only museum of the old technology locomotives

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Palagan Ambarawa is a historical monument for the history of Indonesia. It is located at the roadside of Jln. Raya Ambarawa- Magelang. It is exactly at the down town of Ambarawa city. It is approximately 30 km from Semarang. It is equipped with a museum called“ Museum Isdiman” that stores various kinds of weapons, combat/ battle vehicles, clothing, and other stuffs which have been used in Ambarawa Battle in the past.

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A temple complex at the foot of Ungaran Mountain, and it is precisely situated in Candi Village, Bandungan District. The location is within 9 km from the town of Ambarawa and 12 km from the city of Ungaran. This temple complex has been discovered by Raffles in 1804. This temple is one of Hindu cultural heritage from the time of Sanjaya dynasty in the 8th century (in 927 AD). This is also a nature tourism with a cool air and the beautiful natural scenery and is equipped with a hot water bath, campsite, and horse riding. There are lodgings and hotels around the location.

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