Sasana Sewaka

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This Sasana Sewaka is part of the biggest joglo in Balemong Resort and serves as the lobby or main entrance of the Resort. Originally the typical Joglo does not have a drop off point. The drop off point is made for resort guests convenience. This Joglo was moved from Jamus Krajan village in Demak, one little town in Central Java and was owned by Mayor of Demak a long time ago. The Joglo is originated from the year 1830.

The four main pillars are called Satria Pinayungan which means the Guardian Knights. The Joglo has a lot of uniqueness in its form, such as its wooden beam (blandar) along 16 m without a connection from a single oak tree. The pillars themselves are unique because the lower part is thinner than the upper part. This was purposely made in that shape to re-enact the hand gesture when a person asks for help from God.

The Joglo has become the main attraction at Balemong Resort with finely delicate artful gebyok at the reception counter. Ornamental veins are the theme of the Gebyok, and the pineapple in the center symbolizes a person enjoying the fruits of their labor. Just like the pineapple Guest will be immediately greeted by the black statue called Wira Braja that functions as pemukul gong when a battle or war occurs. Behind it, there are couple statues Loro Blonyo which originally are placed in Omah Ndalem. The Loro Blonyo symbolizes that the family who lives harmoniously.

This joglo facilitated with traditional javanese rooms atmosphere

Rooms & Facilities

This joglo facilitated with traditional javanese rooms atmosphere

Rooms & Facilities

This joglo used as one of melva balemong traditional style facilities

Rooms & Facilities

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